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Why Every Trucking Firm Needs to Have a Good Lawyer on Speed Dial

By Insurance Coverages, Trucking 101

Today, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on why every trucking firm needs to have a good lawyer on speed dial. As most of you know, primary auto liability provides legal defense against auto-related injuries and property damage. Trucking is a complex business that involves dealing with multiple parties: drivers, shippers, brokers, government, other motor carriers. Read more…


Multiple Agents Bidding Is A Mistake

By Insurance Coverages, Trucking 101

We receive numerous calls every day from truckers looking to discuss their insurance programs. Most of our conversations are from truckers looking for ways to reduce their annual premium. And, most times we discover they’ve also spoken with a handful of other insurance agents as well. It’s a common misconception among truckers that having multiple insurance agents work on a quote, the better (and lower) your insurance premium will be. After all, isn’t competition healthy? Well, yes … but mostly, no. Read on to find out why


Employee or independent contractor?

By Insurance Coverages

Trucking companies often like to call their drivers “independent contractors” for various reasons. First main reason is tax advantage: Independent Contractors are responsible for the entire part of their Medicare / Social Security taxes. They are exempt from state workers compensation. There is also the doctrine of imputed tort liability and the trucking company is not legally responsible for the actions of the drivers.

Cargo Shift Truck Accidents

By Insurance Coverages

FMCSA data show that cargo shifts are one the leading causes of heavy truck accidents. The results can be devastating – damaged truck and cargo loss, other vehicles on the road endangered, heavy injuries or even death. Such disastrous crashes can be avoided if the people responsible for the secure loading of the truck do their job. Who Bears Responsibility? Find out now.

Commercial Truck Insurance Myths

By Trucking 101

truck-insurance-mythsWhile the insurance world can seem complex and intimidating, it’s important to understand how your insurance works to avoid coverage gaps and to obtain the most affordable policy for your trucking operation. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the most common commercial truck insurance myths we’ve encountered.  Continue reading …

Is this the end of insurance as we know it?

By Trucking Technology

insurance-industry-thumbIf you are like most insurance professionals today, life is good. You built a nice practice or a successful agency. You live a comfortable life in the suburbs with a country club membership, a yacht on the lake, and a vacation home in Florida. I am stereotyping, of course. It is a fact, however, that most insurance professionals have a great and rewarding carriers, and we’ve grown increasingly accustomed to the good life our industry provides. Continue reading …


Best Dash Cam Systems for Truckers

By Trucking Technology

Posted on by Colonial Insurance in Trucking Technology

best-dash-cam-system-for-truckers-thumbDash cam recording systems are becoming very popular with owner-operators and trucking fleets because they can be used to protect truckers against fraudulent claims, which can inflate insurance costs and result in thousands of dollars (or more) in damages. Imagine being in an accident and being unable to prove the other vehicle was at fault. Continue reading …


Cargo Insurance Gaps

By Insurance Coverages

Have you checked your cargo coverage lately? If you’re like the majority, you advise your agent of the limit you need at renewal and forget about it for the remainder of the year unless you have the misfortune of having a claim. In most cases the cargo claim is handled without any problem, however, in some cases the claims don’t go as smoothly as planned.  Continue reading…


10 Ways to Reduce Trucking Insurance Premiums

By Insurance Rates


1. Truck Driving Experience
Experienced truck drivers pose less of a risk factor and will help lower their truck insurance rate. Truck driving experience with different equipment and weather conditions are inherent in the number of years that a trucker has been driving similar types of rigs. Tip: Hire drivers with at least 2 years of CDL experience.  Read more here