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Is this the end of insurance as we know it?

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insurance-industry-thumbIf you are like most insurance professionals today, life is good. You built a nice practice or a successful agency. You live a comfortable life in the suburbs with a country club membership, a yacht on the lake, and a vacation home in Florida. I am stereotyping, of course. It is a fact, however, that most insurance professionals have a great and rewarding carriers, and we’ve grown increasingly accustomed to the good life our industry provides. Continue reading …


Best Dash Cam Systems for Truckers

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best-dash-cam-system-for-truckers-thumbDash cam recording systems are becoming very popular with owner-operators and trucking fleets because they can be used to protect truckers against fraudulent claims, which can inflate insurance costs and result in thousands of dollars (or more) in damages. Imagine being in an accident and being unable to prove the other vehicle was at fault. Continue reading …