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Why Every Trucking Firm Needs to Have a Good Lawyer on Speed Dial

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Today, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on why every trucking firm needs to have a good lawyer on speed dial. As most of you know, primary auto liability provides legal defense against auto-related injuries and property damage. Trucking is a complex business that involves dealing with multiple parties: drivers, shippers, brokers, government, other motor carriers. Read more…


Multiple Agents Bidding Is A Mistake

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We receive numerous calls every day from truckers looking to discuss their insurance programs. Most of our conversations are from truckers looking for ways to reduce their annual premium. And, most times we discover they’ve also spoken with a handful of other insurance agents as well. It’s a common misconception among truckers that having multiple insurance agents work on a quote, the better (and lower) your insurance premium will be. After all, isn’t competition healthy? Well, yes … but mostly, no. Read on to find out why